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Washington State

Posted on February 24, 2019 at 1:18 PM Comments comments ()
We moved to Washington state in the summer of 2018. I simply cannot believe the beauty that I see again and again.

Each state and region has it's own beauty and benefits; however,  as I grew up in Colorado, I have always loved the mountains. 

Then when I was 18, and living in California, I fell in love with ocean.

Now, I am near both.

This is Gig Harbor. I don't live here...I live in Olympia which is about 30 minutes away. But what a beautiful place, and they have a fantastic women's consignment shop. Yay!

Dear Reader

Posted on July 12, 2018 at 6:59 PM Comments comments ()
Dear reader,

Let’s talk. Talk the only way you and I can actually talk. I’ll speak, you listen. You don’t know me yet, but you will. It will take time of course, you may have to read many of my posts, but that shouldn’t be very hard. If it is difficult for you, well, I am sure you can make it through such a tremendous trial *Sarcasm*. This will however be much more of a one-sided relationship. I do not believe that I will ever really know you, the reader. Not in this way at least, not in the intimate way that you will get to know me. You will have the opportunity to listen to the whispers of the darkest corners of my heart. Well, at least occasionally. I won’t always speak of dramatic or romantic things when I write, I am simply in a mood at the moment. Everyone has those, right? Sometimes you just want to dance under the moonlight with a lover, study the stars as if it’s your first time doing so, just taking in life in its purest moments. That mood, you know that one don’t you? If not I encourage you to learn about it. Take time to smell the flowers, as the saying goes.
Life is beautiful because life is small. We are small, but we have the potential to be so large. Interesting thing that potential of our souls. Someone can be full of so much nothingness, so much of a void, yet they have the opportunity to become a shining star. If my writing is coming off as very poetic, dramatic, and romantic, it is probably because I am a very poetic, dramatic, and romantic person.
               You don’t know me though. I mean, you are probably summing me up right now. That is fine, but let me help you with this process a little bit by giving you some basic information about who I am. My name is David Lehi Sagastizado. I am the 7 child of Tammy Sagastizado. I am her youngest living son. I am 21 years old. I love what love is, and love to give love to everyone I meet. So yes that does mean I will love you too. Despite your flaws, despite your weaknesses, despite the things you find ugly in yourself, you deserve love. Everyone does. I know my love may not be what you need or want right now, but it is here. In the times where you think that you don’t think anyone loves you, prove yourself wrong and say
“Uh, actually, that random guy online said he loves me.” Then laugh to yourself, let the tears slide down your face as you receive a bit of relief from that overwhelming sadness. I know I can’t do much from here, I can’t help that sadness leave completely, but I hope in some way I do help you. Even if you read my words simply to insult them, to show to a friend and laugh, that is enough for me. Even if you think my writing is ridiculous and foolish, that of a fool, then so be it. Maybe it will help you vent a little, maybe it will make you feel better about yourself. That doesn’t matter to me. You will always have my love, even when you do me wrong.
               Hopefully I am not coming on too strong. I tend to do that. I am very much all in man. When I love, it is completely and totally, poems written to sing the songs of my heart that I can’t quite find the rhythm for to sing out loud. When I am sad, I am drowned in waves of my own self-loathing, torn apart by the idea that I am not good enough. For now, I am excited for what we will create together. It may just be one other person that ever reads my writing, and that is enough for me. I hope that I can be enough for you.

Until we meet again, may the sun shine brightly on your path, and may your blessings be well lit. 

Yea! Catching up blog...a start! Sagastizado's 2017

Posted on February 2, 2018 at 4:24 PM Comments comments ()
Wow! I know...I know. I have been negligent in updating this blog. But a new year brings new goals. So let's start by catching up a bit.

This is Tony, Colette, and Miriam. They are in Washington State (too far away for GrammyTammy). Tony is still in the officer...and spent a year in Afganistan, then came home and was sent off to fight all the wild fires in the West. Colette, is the strong wonderful mother that is giving sweet Miriam one of the best childhoods ever...eating berries...climbing, running outside, lots of books...actually...ALL my married children and their spouses  are doing an incredible job of loving and raising their children.

We miss them so much. They did come for Thanksgiving and it was so much fun to see cousins play together and start to build those wonderful, life-long special relationships that only cousins and siblings have.

Next, is Douglas, Ary, Celeste, and Bella. They are in Houston. Not so far away ( a 7 hour drive). So we see them more frequently, but certainly, not enough. Celeste turned 8, so she is our first grandchild to be Baptized which was a wonderful experience. One, that I hope and pray, is repeated again and again. Ary is a teacher, and Douglas is doing really well as a Construction Specialist for CDM Smith.

This above is Michael on Ashley's lap, with Benjamin on Matthew's lap. Matthew is number 3 son. They live in Oklahoma City and are both in college and working. I will share another time, but they really have suffered a lot this past it is nice to see them in this picture from December, happy and healthy. Ashley is expecting again, and this will be grandchild number 9.

Benjamin (# 4 son) and his girlfriend, Ariana, also live in Oklahoma City, so they are close by. We absolutely love Ariana. Fito loves that she speaks Spanish (Ashley and Maria are learning...and Douglas is almost there...)
This picture is from their trip to Costa Rica. Ariana is a teacher, Ben works full-time and goes to college at night.

Maria, my first girl, after 4 boys, is child number 5. She finished school to become a dental assistant, and is back in school taking business classes, and planning on becoming a dentist. Here she is with Travis, and their 3 children: Tori, Greyson, and Xander. They live in Moore, OK, which is part of the OKC metro. Travis works hard in the oilfield and has done really well this past year.

Felipe Joshua is child, number 6. He lives in OKC with Benjamin. They also work at the same company: CLEAResult, which is a really good company that does  good and is good to their employees. He is dating a teacher (my grandmother and Fito's grandmother were teachers, Several of Fito's relatives are teachers, Fito, me, Ary, and Ariana are teachers, ben wants to be a teacher, and Felipe is dating a teacher).

I love this picture of Felipe with Grandma Nena, Fito's mom.

Child, number 7, is David. David has lived in severe pain for almost 5 years. Not being able to do many of the things that normal young adults do and having to give up many of his dreams. But then we found a new doctor (we have gone from doctor to doctor for years in search of relief) and David finally has the pain to a point it is manageable. He recently just went out to Utah, where he is living with his cousin, Nick, working, and hopefully, will be able to finish college.

Isn't this a great pic? How the nieces and nephews love their aunts and uncles!

Now we have Elizabeth, who is 18, and living presently in Houston with Douglas and Ary.

She is working and getting ready to go on a mission, hopefully, leaving this summer.

We miss her; but I know Douglas, Ary, and the girls love her cleaning and playing!


That just leaves Beca, who is 14. She will be with us for awhile, but thankfully, she is not alone as we have one of my former students, Sarah Lynn, living with us at present as well. Sarah is in her senior year of high school and plans to go on a mission, too, in June.

Beca is organized!! She cleans the pantry, the drawers, closets, etc. She and Elizabeth have been the sweetest ending to many years of raising children. (Although, it's not an ending at all, as the family keeps growing and growing!)

This is Sarah, Elizabeth, and Beca. Great girls!

What a year it has been!

Posted on June 25, 2016 at 4:09 PM Comments comments ()
Oh my goodness. It has been over a year since I blogged, and what a year it has been. Three new grandchildren have been born, Tony and Colette moved from Missouri to Washington state, Benjamin moved from Texas to Oklahoma City. I started a full-time job teaching Spanish at a high school. We moved out of our house believing it to be sold, and just moved back in as it did not sell.

We lived with Maria and Travis for most of the year…while Maria was pregnant, I might add. It has been a complicated and very difficult year for all involved, but at the same time, there have been many blessings.

I loved living with my grandchildren, actually. Little children are so innocent and they always are so welcoming and kissed and hugged us when we got home from work, wanted to watch scripture videos with us, and just wanted to be held or have their back"s scratched. And of course, dark haired, new little Victoria; Maria's baby girl.

Grandma Nena was here part of the year, as well, and we all squished in to Maria and Travis’s home. Maria and Travis had the master bedroom, and had moved the boy’s bunk bed into there. They also had the baby’s bassinet and swing in there. What a sacrifice they made to allow us to live with them. (But now in hindsight, it was a blessing for both of us. Travis became unemployed during this time and both of us would have lost our homes, had we not done so).

Then David, Elizabeth, and Rebeca shared a room. While Grandma Nena was here, she shared the room and one of the girls slept on the couch. Then Fito and I slept on a futon in the third room, where I also had my office set up.

We are buying a custom made latex bed which will be done next week. We have never owned a new bed in 32 years of marriage. I am so excited; I feel like a little girl at Christmas!

The children, of course are happy to be back home and have their own rooms. We pulled up all the carpet, have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning (yes, I meant to repeat it that many times…my level of clean is completely different than many other people’s level of clean) and have been painting, fixing things, weeding, working on the house, and so on.

It appears that we may be able to keep the house, but several miracles will have to occur. But even a month ago, I didn’t have any hope, but now I do.

Some other things that have happened in the past year is that Matthew joined the National Guard. He did so for several reasons: college, opportunity, security. To have insurance for Ashley. Poor Ashley. She has been so sick and in pain for so long. She keeps getting kidney stones and/or infections and with a new baby and a toddler to take care of…a mother doesn’t need to be ill or in so much pain.

Benjamin and Michael are soooo cute, though, and Michael is constantly trying to climb everything! He even caught a squirrel one day playing outside. Ashley heard a scream (from the squirrel) and just as she looked over…it was running away from Michael.

Besides those two, we also have Miriam: Tony and Colette’s little girl and she has blond hair and porcelain skin. This new generation is just as mixed up as their parents were. I used to tell my children when they were little that they were Twists (an ice cream treat) because they were vanilla and chocolate mixed together. My grandchildren are the same!
The Army transferred them to Washington state, and Tony is soon to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Douglas and Ary are still in Houston and doing well with their pretty girls: Celeste and Bella. Both are growing up and are so much fun because now they talk to me on the phone, they're not in diapers or trying to run away. They love Grammy Tammy and are just great girls.


Michael on a trike acting like a big boy.

Benjamin swinging.

Xander, Greyson, Maria, Bella, Rebeca holding Victoria, Abby, a cousin, Celeste and Elizabeth, me at the end.

Ary, Celeste, and Isabella.

Miriam, Tony, and Colette.

The difference in how a Dad and a Mom dress the girls.

Posted on April 22, 2015 at 4:46 PM Comments comments ()
My son Douglas, and his wife Ary have two sweet little girls. First, are the pictures Ary sent me of the girls in the Easter dresses she made for them.

Now, I'll show you the pictures of the girls on a Saturday when Dad dressed them:

Actually, this is good parenting as children need to learn that there are different roles, tasks, and different behaviors are needed for different occasions.

Plus, every woman needs to know how to use power tools!

They are learning many different things from each parent...and each time a child learns a new skill, it gives them a sense of accomplishment, which in turn, builds true self-esteem.

Mud, Mud. Spring is here!

Posted on April 22, 2015 at 3:23 PM Comments comments ()
What an absolutely beautiful Spring we are having. Oklahoma turns brown in the winter. The grass is brown, the trees are brown and leafless, and the sky is a dull gray much of the time.

But now, it is green and vibrant. We have had several good rains and our lake is starting to fill up. The trees have leaves and the flowers are reminders of new life.

Mud is part of spring and children are attracted to mud. Aunt Kathy has the girls this week as they are going to a Homeschooling Teen Camp in Texas. 

Wednesday night, she sent me the following pictures:

Now, this is GOOD parenting! I truly believe that children who are allowed to get dirty and play outside will be more creative and have less allergies and immune problems.

Using Leftovers.

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 9:39 PM Comments comments ()
With 9 children and various in-laws and friends over all the time...I cook a lot. However, day-to-day, I do not always know how many will come, so I end up with leftovers quite a bit.

Through the years, I have learned how to take that dried food that you really do not want to eat, and turn it into something yummy.

See the yummy chicken and veggies that my husband made?

We also made rice this night that is called casamiento (which is marriage in Spanish), as there is rice and beans together. Which is an easy way to get rid of a small amount of leftover beans.

If you notice closely, there is also leftover scrambled eggs mixed in the rice.

Now, see the leftover chicken after several one wants to eat it now.

Here is some leftover Spanish corn that was also in the fridge...looks pretty bad...huh?

Now, I get out a soup pan and put some water on to boil.

I then add the leftovers to the water. I deboned the chicken and added all the leftover veggies from the chicken, the leftover corn, and there was some leftover rice, too.

I also added some cilantro, some chicken bullion, a can of mixed vegetables, salt, pepper, a little dehydrated onion, a little garlic, and presto! Look!

If I have celery or tomato, etc. I might cut up some and add it. Cabbage, leftover vegetables, beans...anything really. Be creative. Yes, occasionally, what I have invented has ended up going to the chickens. But each year I get better at this.

Remember, water rehydrates food. Dehydrated food only needs water to reconstitute, and leftovers have usually only dried water works miracles. 

I have had meat so dry it looks like jerky, but after some time in boiling water, it becomes soft, juicy, and tender again.

This was very yummy soup! Amazed?

Tony and Colette's Wedding

Posted on February 5, 2015 at 11:29 AM Comments comments ()
Wow. Has it been since November that I last wrote? At that time, we were in California, headed home after Tony and Colette’s wedding in the Bellvue, Washington Temple on November 8.

We stayed with Colette’s family for the first part of our stay. They live 3 hours southeast of Seattle, Washington. It’s where they grow food. 

Orchard after orchard, vineyard after vineyard, and vegetables as well. It was fall, so the colors were red, gold, yellow, and brown. Then when there were pines, the bright colors contrasted against the green and just simply beautiful.

It’s a rugged land with tall rock formations, but it has its own beauty.
We fell in love with her family and friends. It was as though we have always known them. We think alike and we are so blessed that Tony found a girl from such a family. It’s just too bad that we don’t live closer where we can do things together.

The first night after arriving, it was to the church to prepare for the reception. Decorations, setting up tables, chairs, ironing, prepping food: all the thousand little tasks that have to be done. We had paid the extra $25 to bring an extra bag on the plane and we brought 4 duffel bags full of ice cream buckets (3-4 in each bag) of Pupusa Mixture, Taco Meat, Spanish Turkey, Re-fried Beans, and 1 box with 44 loaves of Poppy Seed and Apple Coconut Bread.(or Cooking for a Crowd)

The next day, was the same. Preparation. I was smarter though, this time, than at the previous children’s weddings. I had Colette’s sister do my hair early in the morning in a French Twist with pretty pins and spray it really well. Makeup done. That way, I did not have to leave the food or kitchen later. Worked out much better.

We had the taco meat and Spanish turkey in roaster pans that we had borrowed, then had chips, bread, salsa, grated cheese, diced hard-boiled eggs, mushrooms, onion, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, Spanish cream, etc. that people could either make a pile-on taco or make sandwiches with the turkey. I also made two roaster pans of rice and we had re-fried beans. And strawberry lemonade to drink with the Poppy Seed Bread and Apple coconut bread for dessert. There was also ice cream, and chocolate and strawberry to drizzle on.

The reception was that night and the church had been converted to an enchanted fairyland. It was simply beautiful with floating Japanese lanterns, flowers, a metal gazebo, candles, etc. Fun music, a video presentation, good food, and lots of love flowing. Colette and Tony sang to each other and we had a wonderful evening.

We drove on to Tacoma that night to not have to make the 3 hour drive in the morning, which probably was a mistake, because I was so tired and the roads were curvy. We finally made it to Fito’s sister: Blanca’s home. Then surprise! His other sister, Maria, who lives in Ohio had flown in for the wedding!

We stayed up another hour or so. Then it was time to get up a few hours later and get all pretty again.

We went straight to the Temple on Saturday for the ceremony. What a beautiful temple and the landscaping is so incredible. Even though it was fall, the grass was super green and flowers were blooming. That part of the US is so beautiful.

After the ceremony, Colette was still glowing. I am dead serious that she was glowing. I believe in auras, and occasionally see them at certain times, and Colette was radiant- she was truly glowing. Partly from happiness and partly, I believe, from her purity.

After the Temple Wedding, friends of Tony, from West Point came in their uniforms and sabers and did a fun tradition. They made a tunnel that Tony and Colette had to pass under. As they went through the tunnel, two of the officers would lower their sabers, stopping them and Colette had to kiss Tony in order to pass. It was really fun.

Then lots of pictures, then off to the church for a family dinner. This time, I made Pupusas with the help of my mom and sisters-in laws and Fito and my children. They came out great. We had four griddles going and whipped out several 100 in about 40 minutes. Another success. Having the meat frozen and prepared beforehand made a big difference and it was cheaper to bring it all on the plane than to FedEx it.

The dinner had the same program as the reception, but was more formal in the table settings, but less decorations. The family was wonderful and we had such a wonderful visit with Fito’s family, as well.

Sunday, we went to the farmer’s market in Seattle which is amazing. We also had to drop Fito off at the airport as he was going back home to work, and drop Colette and Tony’s rental car off, and pick up Colette’s car as I and the 3 children (David, Elizabeth, and Rebeca) were driving it back to Oklahoma. Tony and Colette were headed to Florida for their honeymoon but their plane left really late.

It was a day that required a lot of patience. We had to wait several times as things simple did not go as planned. Everyone waited so patiently. Fito’s family is amazing: other people would have been frustrated by all the things that went wrong and all the waiting, but they were great.

Monday morning came. I took Colette’s car to the post office, packed up all their things into 4 boxes and mailed them to Missouri where she and Tony reside. We had too much luggage and could not leave until I made room. I then went back to Blanca’s, we loaded up and left.

We headed down though Oregon, then through northern California. The whole drive was spectacular. The ocean, the tall mountains butting up to the Pacific coast, the magnificent Redwoods, the red, yellow, and golden deciduous trees against the green pines, the amazing villas and foothills of wine country.  We stopped at San Francisco and went to China Town. I want to go back some time with Fito: it was amazing and I didn’t see enough (or buy enough).

Then we drove across central California into the rugged mountains and desert of Nevada. We were going onto the Grand Canyon, but headed straight for home. 18 hour straight drive through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas; then home to Oklahoma. Amazing rock formations, striking deserts, incredible sunsets, star lit skies with an almost full moon in the New Mexico landscape. No man made light to dim the magnificence of the heavens.

We headed home as bad weather was coming. It had been following us all the way home, but was just about to catch up with us. It snowed the night we made it home.

Home. What more needs to be said. The US is incredible. Each of the 34 states I have seen, is its own kind of pretty. But home is always the best place to be.


See how she is glowing?!

In the Redwood Forest...

Posted on November 12, 2014 at 1:12 AM Comments comments ()

This is Agate Beach in Northern California off the Redwood Forest Highway. Incredible! We had to hike down all the way, then hike back up so we couldn't bring too many treasures.

Rebeca and I on the beach.

The agates are in the cliffs and storms and rain bring them down to the beach.

Hiking back up from the beach. Treasures in our hands and pockets. Ferns, moss, beach flowers, tall trees, and amazing rocks. What a pretty place.

Plus, it was 60 degrees here and the rest of the US seemed to be caught in cold.

Beca and Liz at the beginning of the trail. Cool trees.

So much of the coast of northern California was like this...big rocks, wild waves, beautiful forests....really gorgeous.

Tony and Colette were married in Seattle on Saturday. We are driving Colette's car back to Oklahoma...(David, Elizabeth, Rebeca and I) that's why we are here...

The beach (sand) is made of tiny, tiny rocks.

Our treasures of smooth rocks, smooth drift wood, canes of driftwood.

The Redwoods were so amazing! I had to delete most of the pictures we took. They simply did not come out. It is really hard to take pictures of such huge and tall trees.

It would get really shady on the highway when you came to the bigger groves of trees. then the sun would filter down through the trees and it was such a sacred feeling. As if the trees were a cathedral to God.

We drove through this tree. Almost took the mirror off the side of the car. Rebeca's yelling saved me at the last minute.

Now this is a "tree house". Made from a Redwood...

A herd of Elk...just enjoying the soft grass of someone's lawn instead of the dry grass on the side of the mountain. they were in the middle of the road as well and we all had to stop and wait for them.

Can you believe we saw all this in one day? What a beautiful place.

Get a mirror-- look at your rear...

Posted on October 30, 2014 at 10:13 AM Comments comments ()
Okay everyone. I have blogged about this before, but no one seems to be listening.

I have attended two different conferences recently, one in Oklahoma and the other in Kansas City, Missouri. The conferences were put on by different organizations, however, both required dressing nicely, i.e., professionally.

On my website, I have a link: Dress Professional. If you are not sure what that means go and look. I also have a link for Etiquette.

So why am I telling people to get a mirror? I am absolutely convinced that a large majority of people do not have full length mirrors in their homes. Nor do they understand that you need to face that mirror backwards while using another hand-held mirror to look at your outfit from the rear. (And carry a small mirror to use at the store before you buy that horrid pair of pants that makes you look 12 pounds heavier).

Why am I convinced? Because I know many of these individuals, and they would be appalled to know what they look like. I know they want to look their best and dress attractively.

But at these two conferences I saw women showing panty lines, bulges from camisoles or under garments, seams of their underwear, and so on.

Worse, I saw way too much cellulite and behind dimples. 

I saw one woman as she entered the doorway and the sun streamed through, show absolutely everything underneath. The fabric of her dress was very sheer and what was okay in office light suddenly told all in sunlight.

When you buy an outfit, shirt, skirt, etc. Put your hand inside the fabric. Can you see your hand through the fabric? Then we will be able to see your bra, your panties, your cellulite, plus other things we do not want to see unless you wear something under it that is thicker.

Also, popular right now is this thin stretchy material. Be careful ladies, whether it is yoga pants, a skirt, or a dress. If it is too thin (although, not sheer) it is still clingy and we can see your love handles, the bulges of fat on your back, any under garments, and way more then we care to see.

Can you not understand that by wearing structured clothing instead of clingy clothing that you hide all these imperfections? An a-line skirt with seams that is lined and of a thicker fabric will give you a smooth rear with no bulges or moon other look thinner when you dress modestly...and who doesn't want to look better?

Also, I do not want to know what kind of underwear you have on...guys or gals...bend over before you go out....check and see if you're hanging out...NO. I am not interested in boxers versus briefs, your back hair, your crack, your new thong, your love handles, and so forth.

I am tired of having to divert my eyes or being sickened just because you picked up something. 

Any guys? Arm pits are seldom attractive. Wear a shirt. And wear a shirt with sleeves. And no, I do not want to see your chest peeking out any more than I want to see that ladies' breasts bulging out. Please cover yourselves. Button up your shirts.

And speaking of buttons ladies. Use a safety pin to pin openings on button up shirts so we don't see your bra from the side.

Also, if you wear a sheer top or a top with sheer sleeves. Get that mirror and check the back. Many times the front is covered but you are showing us lace, your bra, and bulges in the back or at the top of your sleeves.

A full length mirror will also help you to know if your skirt or dress is long enough. Look at the slit in the back or side of the skirt. Are you showing any under garments? A slip or a girdle?

Just one more pet peeve. If I am more than 20 feet away and I can tell you are wearing foundation; it is on too thick. You are not on not wear it that thick. Make up is to enhance, not to glob on. Look at the most beautiful women you know with the most beautiful skin. You have to be really close to them before you can tell that they are wearing something.

Subtle is a lost word and a lost art in today's world. People are like bill boards that are loud, raucous, and scream: Here am I, don't you think I'm sexy?

But if you go back to some of the most "sexy" women or men of all time; they were subtle, demure, and amazingly modest. How sexy is Cary Grant in a suit, or even Audrey Hepburn in a suit?

Is it necessary to show everything? Is that really more attractive to let it all hang out? (even in your conversations?)

Just think about it...and please, please buy a mirror.