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My BLog


Maria's Married!

Posted on November 24, 2010 at 8:02 PM Comments comments ()
I left you Sunday night with me not being able to sleep. I did finally take a shower and went to bed. I tossed and turned all night and kept waking up to see what time it was.
Monday, November 22, the alarm went off at 5:15 am. I got ready and drove first to a friend's house in Washington, OK. She was lending me lace, floral tape, spray glitter, etc. that I could use to make the bouquet.
Maria had called at 11:30 on Sunday night and we decided to make the bouquet out of artificial flowers so it could also be used for her reception.
Washington is about 25 miles from Newcastle. I then drove to Bartlesville, Ok which is about a 3 hour drive from Newcastle. I arrived at 9:00 am. (I guess I was really cruising on the turnpike!)
I decided since I had time, since the funeral didn't start until 10:00 am that I would go to Hobby Lobby and see what they had.
As I walked in and went to the floral department, I saw that they had all floral items marked down 50%. That is a very good start!
I then walked down each aisle until I came to the wedding section. I had no idea that Hobby Lobby carried so many wedding items. Over on one wall toward the back there was a table that had wedding items on display.
There was a small, elegant, white, cloth covered basket that had the bottles of bubbles in it. There was a beautiful flower arrangement. There was a bouquet and boutonniere. There were several other items. too. The amazing thing, though, is they were all white and deep purple. Purple is Maria's favorite color!
Imagine my dismay, when I picked them up and written on each tag it said, "Not for sale. Display only."
I went to find the lady in charge of the floral department. It ended up being the same woman who had made the items. I explained that my daughter was getting married that evening, that I was from the OKC area and had come to town for a funeral. I explained that I had not known I was going to decorate or do any of this until Sunday evening.
I asked her if she could go through the store and help me pick up each item and perhaps even help me put together another bouquet. She was very gracious and said that instead of all that, that she would just let me purchase the already made bouquet and boutonniere.
She then helped me to pick out some pearls that I could add to the bouquet to make it more elegant. I also bought some stringed pearls to add to the bouquet where the flowers and greenery were hanging. I bought two small bouquets for Rebeca and Elizabeth, bubbles, a basket, and so forth.
I went to the funeral and saw many old friends. I also saw my sister, Heather. It was one of the best funerals I have ever attended. He was truly a great servant of God. He had done so many small acts of service. There was story after story of his dedication, kindness, humility, and service.
I drove Heather home, put in gas, grabbed something to eat in the car and headed home. I reached Newcastle at 3:00 pm so I went to the school to pick up the children.
We went home and I called a friend to see if she could come and do the girls hair. She was available and came. She curled their hair and put pearls in it. I put my hair in a French twist and she added pearls to it.
I called Travis's parents and told them that we were going with purple. His mom said she would call around and most of them came in purple and Travis had a purple tie on.
They also had the church decorated. I just had to bring and do the final touches. She also told me that Maria had said she wanted a plain cake so that's what they had ordered. But when they got it to the gym (that they own), it was deemed too plain. Well, one of their clients saw it and said, "Hang on. Let me go home and get some decorations for it." Little did they know that this woman competes nationally in cake decorating.
She came back with a box of exquisite flowers that were made of sugar and painted. There is no way to explain how beautiful they are. It is as though they are made of porcelain. She didn't charge them, either. And the was a touch of lavender in them! The groom's cake was a field with a tractor and a mustang. The mustang for Maria and the big green tractor for Travis. (Yes, they like the big green tractor song. They both listen to country music).
Travis's family, which is quite extensive, did several things to help them. An aunt gave maria a dress to wear. One did her makeup, another helped her buy things for her wedding night. They did her hair, etc.
Back at home, I changed into a purple suit, told my mom to get ready and wear purple. Ross came early and saved me by going to the school to pick up Felipe who had stayed after to retake a test.
Then Ross and Rebeca went with me to the church to finish decorating. I had taken a purple table cloth I have for the entry table. I also took 2 flower arrangements that I had used on Sunday. They had purple mums and carnations mixed with yellow and gold marigolds.
I also took some lace and purple ribbon to put on tables, wall hangings, and the bubble bottles to add purple to everything.
I had made 5 gallons of strawberry lemonade that we brought, as well.
People started coming (in purple!). Emalie, Matthew's girlfriend had bought a beautiful purple dress and had told Matthew to go buy a purple tie so they would match for the wedding (of course without knowing what color it would be).
Ross had showed up at the house in a white shirt, but when he saw the purple, he said, "Wait, I think I have my purple shirt in my car." He did and he put it on.
Several years ago, when a niece was married, we had bought white dresses for Maria and Elizabeth. I pulled them from the closet and Elizabeth was able to wear Maria's and Rebeca wore Elizabeth's.
The whole evening went like that. A cousin took pictures. People were gracious and kind. The clean up went quickly. It was a day of miracles or as one scripture calls them: tender mercies.
Just think, if I had not gone to the funeral, I would not have found the perfect bouquet and boutonniere. I had debated about that decision quite a bit. I think it was a big part of why I could not sleep on Sunday night.
I felt like I should go, but my logic was declaring I did not have time with everything else I had to do. Amazing isn't it, what they Lord does for us.
Pictures of the wedding are posted under family...under Maria.
Tuesday, I was getting my hair done in the city at 9:00 am so as soon as I took the children to school, I headed up there. The hair dresser had scheduled two of us at the same time so i told her I could come back.
I drove around until I found a resale shop. It actually was a very nice one that I didn't know about. I found a pair of shoes, and two suits for $60. We like resale shops!
I went back to get my hair done and my hair dresser's mom came by. It turned out, she is some one who could possibly end up using my training programs...if I had not come back later...I would have missed her!
I picked up some KFC and Taco Bell for $20. I thought a treat would be nice to celebrate chaotic yesterday. Picked up the children and went home.
Fito and I went to the Temple and had a really good time. We were in the part of the Temple where they talk about all the blessings that come to those who are faithful to their covenants (including marriage). I kept thinking about Maria and how happy she was, but how much happier she could be if she had these blessings and understanding. Then as I left that room, I saw a mother who was coming in with her daughter who was to be married. I quickly made it to a private area where I could compose myself. It happened so quickly and I was not expecting to feel so, but I was crushed for a moment. I felt my heart would break. Oh, how I want those blessings for my baby girl, my Maria.
We came home and watched Charles Dickens's David Cooperfield. What a great movie.
Today, Wednesday, I couldn't sleep in so I arose and read for awhile. I am reading Persuasion by Jane Austin. Around 9:30 am, I was so tired, I went back to sleep for awhile.
I then got up and to work. I made four cheesecakes, did laundry, cleaned, got stuff ready for tomorrow.
I had to take my mom to her hair appointment. Fito called and Maria's car was ready. I took her to pick it up. The mechanic put a new battery in it and it runs perfectly! A 2000 Malibu Chevy for $600. What a blessing!
When we got back, Fito took everyone to go get more roof tiles. After that, the other mechanic called and the Suburban was ready. It ended up being just a broken part in the differential and was only $265. I was expecting anywhere from $700- $1800 from what I had been told. Maria drove up to the city with me to pick it up. On the way home she showed me the 5th wheel they are living in. It is very nice. More blessings.
Maria came by yesterday and today. She learned to make homemade laundry soap today. Yesterday, I stocked her up with things from the pantry. She is so cheerful and willing to learn, now. I was not expecting such an instant change, but I am very thankful.
I then made some tapioca, 18 loaves of apple coconut bread, and some refrigerator rolls dough.
I did some more laundry-- hopefully done before company arrives tomorrow!?!


Posted on November 19, 2010 at 10:59 AM Comments comments ()
Does life ever slow down? Wednesday was busy with getting children off to school, updating my website. Working on a scholarly paper, and just the everyday of doing dishes, laundry, cleaning my mom's potty, and mom stuff that we do to serve our family.
My husband, Fito, also had a fund raiser lunch and I had to go to KFC/Taco Bell to pick up the food and take it to the school. Every time I go to the High School, I find it amazing what our teachers do. It is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs there is, to work with those teens and try to instill in them values, principles, and ethics, not only educate them in a subject.
And so few of them receive guidance that will really direct them through life. It is rather depressing. But then I remember when I went to West Point for parent's day and other youth gatherings I have attended and I am reminded that there are still many good solid families in America (and the world)  that are doing their best to raise righteous, patriotic, children.
In the afternoon, I remembered that I had committed to send bread for visits that the church men were conducting that evening. I started to make Poppy Seed bread and then realized we were out of eggs. I called Fito and asked him to get some after work.
He brought some home and I made the bread. Fito and the children did the chores, picked all the peppers and tomatoes left in the garden (3 buckets worth) and dug up two of the plants and brought them inside. It is supposed to freeze tonight.
I then took the bread to the church, and the girls and I then went to the library. Blanchard built a new library and it is wonderful. What a great idea of our society to have such an edifice. Where anyone can go regardless of education, profession, money, etc. Where freely there are classes, books, videos, computers, knowledge available to any who want it.
After we left, we went to the dollar store, then to get gas. Came home, routine, to bed.
Thursday morning, I awoke at 5:10 am. I went to get the donuts. Took the children to school, and then headed for Duncan, OK, about 70 miles away. My niece was staying with some friends there and I went to pick her up so she could spend some time with us.
I visited with the friend for awhile, then came home. I dropped off my niece, picked up my mom and took her to her hair appointment. We came home, I dropped her off, then went to pick the children up from school.
We came home and I did a few things then went to pick up a friend of mine in Yukon to take her to church with me tonight. The ladies group was having a dinner and Christmas program. It was about Mary and was very touching.
I took my mom home and then my friend. I came home and went to bed. I didn't even get the dishes done. The house is a mess and the next two days are busy, too. There are so many things to do! And never enough time to do it! The dilemma we all face!
I did want to share an insight. Yesterday, while waiting for my mom at her hair appointment, I was reading, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin.
Catherine is the main character and her brother, Mr. James Moreland is engaged to Miss Thorpe.
Miss Thorpe has been flirting with Captain Tilney, Henry Tilney's brother, whom Catherine is friends with and attracted to.
Catherine begs Henry to go and speak to his brother. To tell him to leave Miss Thorpe alone, that their flirtations are causing her brother pain and embarrassment.
Henry explains to Catherine that his brother, Captain Tilney is an adult and does not listen to his advice and adds:
"Persuasion is not at command; but pardon me if I cannot even endeavor to persuade him. I have myself told him that Miss Thorpe is engaged. He knows what he is about and must be his own master."
"No, he does not know what he is about, " cried Catherine; "he does not know the pain he is giving my brother. Not that James has ever told me so, but I am sure he is very uncomfortable."
"And are you sure it is my brother's doing?"
"Yes. very sure."
"Is it my brother's attentions to Miss Thorpe, or Miss Thorpe's admission of them, that gives the pain?"
"Is it not the same thing?"
"I think Mr. Moreland would acknowledge a difference. No man is offended by another man's admiration of the woman he loves; it is the woman only who can make it a torment."
Where he states that: Captain Tilney must be his own master, is so true. We as friends, parents, relatives, co-workers can influence, challenge, plea, and encourage others to choose a correct path. However, in the end, each is their own master.
The other insight, is that within any relationship there will be moments that outsiders intrude, flatter, or try to persuade one away. However, Henry is absolutely correct in pointing out that it is the reaction to such that triggers; either fidelity and confidence, or jealousy and pain.
As couples, we should never engage in flirtations, intimacies, personal conservations (and women...this includes talking to other women about intimate marital matters) in indiscretions: emotional, mental, or physical.
Fito and I have the rule to not eat out, email, text, contact, call, or in any other way, engage with a member of the opposite sex in a personal way. It is too dangerous.